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 Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality products and with our team of experienced and passionate trades people we pride ourselves on building great customer relationships. Our experience in Electrical installations, contracting, electrical maintenance and installations is extensive. No job is too big or too small and our services range from the simple task of installing a light switch to more challenging projects such as providing electrical fit outs.

 We work closely with our customers, ensuring that the task or project is completed on time and on budget, using the highest quality products available. We also advise our customers of any cost saving measure that can be utilized and can assist with any safety requirements. By using our skills and experience we build ongoing and lasting relationships with our customers.

  • HT and LT Panel Work
  • PM and Breakdown Work
  • Earth Pit Work
  • APFCR Panel
  • Transformer Work
  • Electricals Goods Supply
  • DC Power Plants Work
  • Inspection Support
  • Operation And Maintenance Service
  • Lightning arrester Installation & testing.
  • Electrical Panels Fabrication works.
  • Energy Audit & Management.

 HT and LT Panles Work :

HT and LT Electrical Panels Erection,Commissioning,testing of HT AND LT
Electrical Panels,All Types Of Breakers & Protection Relay in
11KV Substation.


 It Deals With

 Distribution Boards

 All Related switch-gear

 Copper Bus-bar

 All Wiring

 Metal Parts

 Bonded Ground Points

 Lifting Hook etc.

 Short Circuit Current of 50 KA for 1 sec.

 PM and Breakdown work for all HT and LT Panel's and Distribution Boards.

Breakdown Maintenance

 Reduce Downtime

 Failure Analysis

 Recording events

 Refer Case studies

  Best Practices as preventive measures

Preventive Maintenance

 Reduction of equipment down time.

 Higher operating efficiencies

 Extended life time of equipments

 Protection against unexpected failures


 Earth Pit Erection and Testing

 Annual testing, inspection and maintenance is required under the current BS EN 62305-2006 & the superseded BS6651-1999. Testing and associated maintenance ensures a lightning protection system is functioning correctly. We provide the following services in this field:

 The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 state that lightning protection systems should be tested annually.


  All our engineers are qualified to CITB level 2 minimum

  Detailed log books issued on completion of all tests and inspections (including up-to-date calibration certificates)

  CAD drawings can be supplied at no additional cost, using existing data or Google Earth technology

 All documents are supplied electronically in PDF format

 APFCR Panel Errection,testing,Commissioning,repair and Maintenance.

It is a Automatic Power Factor Control Panels for Maintaining the Power Factor in Electrical Power Supply Circuit.

 We deals with every type of errection ,Commissioning and testing on the Panel.


 Daily Checks APFCR Report.

 Maintain records and escalate abnormalities.

 Weekly visual check on architectural and maintain record.

 Immediate repairs as required.

 Records of visual check results with recommendations and implementation of appropriate solutions .

 Transformers(Oil and Dry Type) Oil Filtration,Bdv Test,Acidity Test,Ipot test,Erection Commissioning and Testing.


  We expertise in servicing Transformers, OLTCs, VCBs, OCB,ACB,MCCD and all types of Protection relays. We offer services for installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairing and rewinding of transformer up to 33 kV. We are acknowledged by our clients for our timely delivery, reliable and cost effective services.

 We are adequately equipped with Streamline filters for all range oil type Transformer.Test kit for testing BDV test and oil acidity test. We are also suppliers of transformer oil. Currently we have a strong clients across IT sectors Leather Industries,Shoe Factory and all other Industries.

 We also offer all type electrical materials & panel accessories. It includes custom built switchboards for controlling and distributing electrical energy through a centralized control panel. All these materials are only procured through registered manufactures and dealers. Our product range includes:

 Electrical Panel Assembly

 Power Control Center (PCC)

 Motor Control Center (MCC)

 Overhead Bus Bar Systems

 All Breakers & Switches

 Power / Lighting Distribution Boards

 APFC Control Panels

 Light fittings

 Cable Trays

 Protection Relays

 Lightning Arrestors



 Generators & HT/LT Cables

 Erection and Commissioning of DC Power Plants


 DC Power Plant Erection and Commissioning.

 Total Plant Maintenance (Mechanical / Electrical & Instrumentation)

 Preventive Maintenance (PM) / Shutdown Maintenance

 A key component of our proven methodology is to review all Power plant and equipment and then develop and document a maintenance strategy, in consultation with each client. This document clearly establishes the work to be performed and the basis for its execution.

 Included in a typical maintenance strategy is:

 The maintenance philosophy and key technical parameters

 The most effective organizational structure

 A maintenance planning schedule to meet production demands and targets.

 Reporting procedures covering co-ordination and control

 Sourcing procedures of materials and spares parts.

 Supporting for CEIG R30 and R63 Inspection Completion till get saftey Certificate

Why Our Inspection Service.. ?

  we provide you with a unique global reach, highly skilled personnel and unrivalled experience in the renewable energy sector. As a result we are the first choice for clients that require trusted quality inspection for Maintaining the all electrical Equipments as per under CEIGG Standard.

 Our Services Include...

 Documentation inspection

 Visual inspection of the generator,Transformer,HT and LT Panel,Electrical Circuit,Motors, including support structure, modules, mounting, cabling , shadowing & etc..

 Visual inspection of all Equipments for CEIGG Standard.

 Visual inspection of the UPS of the Inverter,Outgoing Panels and connecting boxes, including location and mounting

 Visual inspection of the safety system and labelling, including lightning and overvoltage protection

 Visual inspection of Building Lightning Arrester.


 Operation and Maintenance Service

 Galaxy Power Electricalss offers professional services in the Operation and Maintenance of a wide range of IT Sector,Tele Sector,Industrial,Apartment, Oil & Gas, Power and Industrial sectors. These include Onshore/Offshore Oil & Gas, LNG units, Refineries, Power generation plants (combined cycle plants, diesel plants, hydraulic and other renewable energy plants), cogeneration plants, water treatment plants & industrial facilities.

 Galaxy Power Electricalss can provide Total Operation and Maintenance services ranging from project development support through mobilization services to O&M contracts from start-up of commercial operation, supporting the whole project life cycle.

 We Support..

 IT Sector

 Industrial Sectors

 Telecommunication Sectors


Electrician Servicing & Technical Man Power Servicing..

 Operations, Maintenance & Repairs of MEP Equipments and services as per approved budgets , agreeing to an ‘Authorised Spend Value’ as per the Plants relevant Delegation of Authority and Approvals .

 Completion of all jobs assigned in a cost effective, timely and safe manner.

 Jobs valued above the ‘Authorised Spend value’ are approved submitted with a comparative analysis on pricing, quality and timeliness of the three best independent quotes with recommendations made to the client for final approvals.

All Electrical and Mechanical System :

 Responsible for the routine inspection and maintenance of all distribution boards and panels applicable to the plants facilities including metering / monitoring energy demand and consumption and providing inputs for energy expenses incurred every month for each plant under its management.

 Lightning arrester Installation,testing & Commissioning.

Why Our Service.. ?

 Lightning Arrester is the device used to protect the insulation and conductors from damaging effects of lightning on electrical power systems and telecommunication. Typical Lightning Arrester has a high-voltage terminal and a ground terminal. When a lightning surge travels along the power line to the Arrester, electricity from the surge diverted through the Arrester to the earth.If protection fails or is absent, lightning that strikes the electrical system introduces thousands of kilo Volts that may damage the transmission lines, and can also cause severe damage to transformers and other electrical or electronic devices. Lightning-produces extreme voltage fastens in incoming power lines would damage electrical home appliances that’s why it is essential to the principle of Lightning Arrester.

The power loss can check by several methods given below:

 Using a voltage signal as reference

 Compensating the capacitive element by using a voltage signal

 Capacitive compensation by combining the leakage current of the three phases

 Third order harmonic analysis

 Direct determination of the power losses

 Third order harmonic analysis with compensation for harmonics in the voltage

 Protect all electrical system and human being.


Electrical Panels Fabrication works.

 At Galaxy Power Electricalss, our knowledge and expertise is tailored to maximise the lifespan and output of your production process, at the lowest possible cost to your organisation. Galaxy Power Electricalss focus is on prevention, quality and productivity, leading to industry leading safety procedures, observance of contractual obligations and regulations. The quality with which we approach and perform on-site work is both innovative and accountable. Our maintenance contracts are carried out with the commitment to deliver results.

 we are established trader of electrical engineering works. We have complete lot of fabrication projects include installation of projects in different Sectors.

 The audit process starts by collecting information about a facility’s operation and about its past record of utility bills. This data is then analyzed to get a picture of how the facility uses – and possibly wastes – energy, as well as to help the auditor learn what areas to examine to reduce energy costs. Specific changes – called Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) –are identified and evaluated to determine their benefits and their cost effectiveness.

 These ECM’s are assessed in terms of their costs and benefits, and an economic comparison is made to rank the various ECM’s.Finally, an Energy Action Plan is created where certain ECM’s are selected for implementation, and the actual process of saving energy and money begins.

Performance study of all electrical equipments like transformers, motors, pumps, compressors, HVAC/AC, Lighting etc.

Validation of cable sizing and voltage regulation

Performance study of various accessories like capacitors, UPS system etc.

Determination of various ongoing losses

Recommendations for energy savings and proper monitoring

ThermoGraphy Test.

Electrical systems are the most critical infrastructure within office buildings and industrial applications. There are considerable benefits to be gained by protecting these systems and reducing unplanned stoppages. Electrical Thermography serves this purpose and helps you to detect any electric problem before it arises.

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